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The weather is cold, keep warm!


I believe you will agree with me that the weather these days are very much colder (dated: 08/01/2018), I have had received inquiries on how to maintain health through medicated diet and acupressure massage during this period. I will take this opportunity to introduce to you the TCM Solar Terms Health maintenance approaches (二十四节气), especially the Xiao Han’s solar terms of health maintenance approach.

Solar terms

Xiao Han(小寒),  (shōkan in Janpanese) is the coldest solar term of the year, the 23rd solar term in the 24 solar terms, which falls between January 5-7. The next 30 days will be the coldest period of the year. Coldness is a Yin pathogen in TCM; it’s characterized as stagnation in Qi circulation, and will normally deplete the human body’s yang. In this solar term, people who are suffering from heart disease and hypertension will often notice aggravation in conditions, and the rate of suffering from “stroke” increases too.

TCM believes that the effective circulation of blood in the human body is directly correlated to the temperature of the body and environment. Warm will facilitate the circulation, coldness will result in stagnation. Therefore, in this weather period, it’s important to keep the body warm, especially the head and neck, back, hands and feet and other parts of the body which prompt to cold.

I will introduce a two medical diet (details were covered in the Herbal Diet Class) and 4 acupoints to help warming the body and promote blood circulation during the period of Xiao Han. You are also encourage to apply the 5-Steps foot reflexology technique learnt in Acupressure Massage class to massage your legs every night.

Medicated diet

  • Angelica ginger mutton soup
    • [Ingredients] Angelica 20 grams, ginger 30 grams, mutton 500 grams, wine, seasoning to taste
    • [Effect] Nourishing blood, warming and strengthen the body constitution
  • Yam stewed chicken soup
    • [Ingredients] one chicken, yam 30 gram, wolfberry 5 gram, onion, ginger, wine, salt to taste
    • [Effect] Warming, nourishing the kidney systems and help maintain radiant skin.


Acupressure points

Baihui (百会): massage it with the palm, According to TCM this point is the aggregating point for Body’s Yang, massaging this point can boost the body’s yang.


Tanzhong(膻中): By beating gently can help dispel pathogen, dispel stuffiness from the chest


Lao Gong (劳宫): the Acupoint is located on the pericardium meridian, pressing the point using thumb can help to strengthen the heart.


Yongquan (涌泉): the acupoints is on the kidney meridian, the Lao gong is on the pericardium meridian, massage both points can help regulate the Kidney and Heart visceral systems which will help treat insomnia.


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Warmest regards

Dr Clement Ng (黄欣杰)

dated: 08/01/2018


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