Spring is here! Keep warm and let the Qi flow!

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4th February marks the solar term Beginning of Spring (立春) in the northern hemisphere!
I share in this article how the changes in weather may affect our health in the coming months, and the health Betterment approaches from the TCM perspective!

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In my health update in November 2022, I shared that the weather will gradually get cooler, which will affect the Yang qi of the body. I believe that some of my friends reading this article have experience soreness of legs and feet, rheumatic pain and numbness of hands and feet frequently in these months.

This year’s Lunar New Year period coincides with the solar terms transition of Major Cold (大寒)(Jan 20) and Beginning of Spring (立春) (February 4). Major Cold is the coldest period of the year and with the beginning of spring, the weather will be windy and unpredictable. Although the sun may be bright and sunny, it will be very windy and I believe you will feel a little chill when the wind is blowing at you.

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The changing climate during these solar terms transition also corresponds to the high incidence of infectious diseases, such as the outbreak of SARS, COVID-19, and the possible new coronavirus variant strains. I urge that you will remain vigilant and follow all safety measures to prevent illness as you enjoy this joyous reunion with your family and friends.

During this period, the liver visceral systems will be active corresponding to the rising environmental temperature, it will affect and weaken the spleen – stomach digestive systems, the health betterment approaches should be focusing at addressing the digestive systems (the spleen and stomach), regulating the emotion (the liver systems) and promoting the Qi circulation (Yang element conditioning).

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In this presentation, I will introduce a two medicated diets and 3 Acupressure areas and points that can help to strengthen the digestive systems (the spleen and stomach), regulating the emotion (the liver systems) and promoting the Qi circulation (Yang element conditioning).

Acupressure areas

  • Massaging the ribs area – Regulating Emotion and liver systems

The last acupoint of the Liver Meridian, Qi Men, is located just below the nipple at the 6 ICS, this point help to regulate the Liver Visceral Placing both hands just below the breast, push-rush along the ribs toward the middle of the chest, back and forth for 10 – 30 times, till you  have a warm feeling.

  • Rubbing “Zusanli” – nourishing the spleen and stomach

Chinese medicine believes that massaging Zusanli can regulate the body immunity, enhance disease resistance, conditioning the spleen and stomach, promoting the flow of the meridians. Modern medicine research has identified that Zusanli adrenocortical system has a two-way benign regulatory function, can enhance the body’s ability to prevent disease.

  • Comb hair – Promoting yang qi circulation

As spring is the season of natural yang germination and ascendency, our body as part of the natural element, the yang of human body also conforms to nature and has the characteristics of upward ascent movement. Therefore, combing hair during this period is in line with the requirements of this of improving Qi and Blood circulation. By combing, it helps to remove stagnation, promote blood circulation and alleviate Yang Qi element.

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 Medicated diet

  • Millet porridge
    • [Ingredients] millet 150 grams, red dates 8, dried tangerine peel 5 grams.
    • [Effect] Nourish the spleen and stomach, regulate liver systems, promote appetite.

  • Red Dates Walnut porridge
    • [Ingredients] Rice 1 bowl, Walnut 5 , red dates 5
    • [Effect] Nourish Qi and blood, Calming, strengthening the spleen and stomach

Please send this article to your relatives and friends; we hope that more friends from around the world will learn and benefit from the Health Betterment methods together.

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Wishing you and your loved ones Happy and Healthy Lunar New Year of the mighty Tiger 2022!

Dr Clement Ng


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