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Professional Pediatric Massage 小儿推拿按摩课程 (中文课程 By Dr Clement Ng 黄欣杰博士

  • 首个获SkillsFuture Credit批准的网上专业小儿推拿按摩课程。这课程学费100% SkillsFuture Credit 回扣!
  • This is a first on-line Chinese TCM course approved under the Singapore SkillsFuture Credit. You can claim 100% of the course fee paid.
  • 通过课程您将能
  • 掌握4种小儿常见问题(腹痛、厌食、湿疹、不睡觉)的按摩方法
  • 正确使用中医八个小儿按摩手法
  • 了解32个小儿特殊穴位的益处
  • 掌握小儿免疫强化按摩方法
  • 直接和我联系有关您孩子的健康讯息



How to perform Effective TCM Baby & Child Massage By Dr Clement Ng 

  • Use the 8 TCM Massage Techniques for Baby and Child
  • Know the benefits of the 32 Special Acupoints for Baby and Child
  • Apply Massage Protocol for 5 Common syndreomes face by Baby and Child
  • Apply Massage Protocol to strengthen the immunity of Baby and Child
  • Know the Do’s and Don’ts of TCM Pediatric Massage


How TCM answer –  “Why am i fat when i don’t eat much!”  By Dr Clement Ng

  • differentiate different causes of Obesity
  • know the different types of Obesity from the Chinese Medicine perspective
  • Identify your Personal Body types
  • learn the 7 acupressure points for effective weight management
  • know the Chinese Medicine herbs for weight management