TCM Health Betterment Skills Courses

TCM Health Betterment Skills Courses (SkillsFuture Approved)

@ PA Community Clubs

The series of courses were designed by Dr Clement Ng to empowering participants with practical life-skills and allowing them to lead a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. TCM knowledge with its unique strength in Health maintenance and illness prevention will be learned in a fun and friendly environment, and participants can look forward to continuous updates on alternative health and wellness initiatives by joining the TCMandYou learning circle.

These courses are currently been conducting in Singapore through People’s Association Community Clubs under SkillsFuture@PA since September 2016.

  • Knowledge, Skills and Applications
    • Acupressure Massage
    • TCM Herbal Diet
    • Acupressure Massage Intermediate
    • TCM Herbal Diet Intermediate
  • Understanding and application of traditional Chinese medicine
    • Health through TCM for Senior
    • TCM Treatment for Children & Youth
    • TCM for Men
  • TCM digital application
    • Mobile Phone for Acupoints and TCM Diet

The courses are conducting in English and/or Chinese.

  • Course duration per module:
    • 10 hours
    • 5 hours per week, Over 4 weeks
  • Per module Course Fee:
    • S$150 / $175 (for intermediate Courses)
    • Material fee ($10) Inclusive of Course Notes and On-line materials
  • Minimum Number of participants:
    • 10

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