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In my article dated 12/09/2019, I highlighted the needs to pay attention to nourish Yin, moisten the Lung Visceral System during the dried seasons, as there will be a possible occurrence of Lung Visceral System diseases. I’m sure you’ve noticed more people coughing and or suffering from sore or dry throat in the last few months.

November 8 2019, marks the solar term Beginning of Winter (立冬), which means the northern hemisphere enters winter. While friends up North are preparing for winter, those staying in Singapore, which is just one degree North and a tropical country with no snow, there is a wave of chills and coldness in the air as it has been raining more frequently recently. In the next few months, I’m sure the temperature will continue to decline and as we had a very warm June/July this year.

In my “TCM herbal Diet” class, I mentioned the importance of keeping health maintenance along with the seasonal changes. The Beginning of Winter (立冬) marks the start of cold season, and the weather will turns colder, from TCM, perspective, the coldness will affect the kidney Yang element, thus we need to pay attention to the maintenance of kidney visceral system. Health betterment approaches is to comply with the laws of nature, to nourish Yang, keep warm, nourishes the essence of the kidney systems.

As the weather turns cold, having adequate sleep is important. Sleeping early can raise the Body’s Yang qi and keep warm body. As I previously mentioned, TCM believes that we are part of our environment and are mutually affecting each other, as the temperature drops, the vasculature in our body will shrink, blood will become viscous, and blood pressure will rise. When the weather turns cold, it correspond to a seasons of the high incidence of cardiovascular disease, and those who are suffering from high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes need to be especially aware of the any anomalies that may occur in their body. The key to prevention is to stay warm.

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In this article, as part of the health betterment approaches for the solar term Beginning of Winter (立冬), I will introduce three medical diets (detail of the therapeutic effect of the ingredients are covered in the Herbal Diet Class) and massaging techniques of three warming acupuncture points.


  • Black sesame porridge
    • [Ingredients] black sesame, rice
    • [Efficacy] Nourishing liver and kidney and nourishing the five visceral systems

  • Black chicken soup
    • [Ingredients] black chicken, mushroom, black fungus, red date, ginger, cooking wine, salt.
    • [Efficacy] Nourishing blood, liver systems and the eye. Good for beauty maintenance

  • Mutton soup
    • [Ingredients]Angelica, Rehmannia root, Mutton, Ginger.
    • [Efficacy] invigorate kidney yang, helps prevent cold

Acupressure massage Techniques

Looking for Acupoints that help to warm the body.

  • Shenque (CV 08)
    • The “warming” switch on the abdomen is the navel – Shenque (CV 08)
    • Shenque (CV 08) Acupoint is a longevity point. Every night before going to bed, warm your hands by rubbing and place them on the navel. Alternately press and knead clockwise and counterclockwise around it. It warms the abdomen, helps keep one healthy, relieve symptoms such as abdominal pain, edema, dysentery and diarrhea.

  • Yang chi (SJ 04)
    • There is a “warming” switch on the hand – Yang chi (SJ 04)
    • This point is where the Yang qi accumulates and is located at the midpoint of the back of the wrist. To stimulate Yang chi (SJ 04) acupoint, press it gently and over a period of time alternately, can help alleviate the symptom of coldness of hand. Those who are usually afraid of cold can often press this point.

  • Yong quan (KI 01)
    • There is a “warming” switch on the foot, Yong quan (KI 01)
    • Located at the bottom of the foot, in the depression of the front of the foot. It is the first point of the Kidney meridian. It is especially suitable for elderly women who are afraid of cold, suffering from kidney deficiency, lack of strength and lack of energy. A daily consistent massage on the Yong quan (KI 01) acupoints can increase the body’s energy, strengthen the body and prevent disease.

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dated: 12/11/2019

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