Seasons Greeting 2020!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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2020 has been an “eventful” year. While it seems that many things have happened, yet it going to be passed and in a couple of days, we are welcoming 2021! I believe everything will be better!

On 7th November, when I wrote on the coming cooler weather, I believe you will agreed with me that the overall feeling is much cooler lately.  21st December marked the beginning of the solar terms (a period of 15 days), Winter Solstice (冬至), while many Chinese regards it as a date for reunion, when family members get together to share Tang Yuan (rice dumplings), those who have joined me in my Herbal Diet course would know that this date marks the day when the Sun is furthest away from Earth for those living in the Northern Hemisphere, a period with shortest daylight and longer night. From the TCM health betterment perspective, this solar term marks the tipping point period when the Yang Qi (Warm) of the environment will gradually rise, which represents the best time to start replenishing the essence of Yang element of the body.

As we welcome the  New Year 2021, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have joint me in the Health Betterment learning journey. Your supports and enthusiasms have spurred me to continue develop new initiatives and programmes and I look forward to seeing you in 2021. Besides the usual Classroom classes, more of my programmes will be made available Online, in supporting of the New Norm.

One thing, we learnt in 2020 is the important of Health! Without health, all the knowledge and skills you have are irrelevant! I believe that mastering of knowledge and skills in Health Betterment is the best gift you can give to yourself, your family, and your friends in 2021.

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In this article, I will shared 3 important acupressure points used for releasing tension, improving digestive systems as you are preparing to enjoy the festivity with your family and love ones, during this festive season. I will also present with you 2 Medicated diet that help you to stay warm during this cooler time of the year and help to calm you amidst all the festive cheer.

The 3 Acupoints are EX – HN3 (Yin Tang), CV – 17 (Shan Zhong), CV – 12 (Zhong wan) and the medical diet Tea are Angelica Eggs, Rose Chrysanthemum tea

EX – HN3 Yin Tang 印堂 (Hall of Seal)

EX – HN3 (Yintang) is in the middle of the two eyebrows, on our forehead. This a very useful stress relief acupressure point. This Acupoint has the effect of alerting the mind and strengthen the eyesight. Use the thumb, index finger to pinch slightly pulls up the area between the eyebrows, 20 to 30 times, once every morning and evening.

CV – 17 (Dan Zhong) 膻中 (Chest Center)

CV – 17 (Dan Zhong) is located in the middle of the two nipples, in the middle of our chest. Dan Zhong a vent acupoint for frustration of the body. Relaxed, breath naturally, rubbing Dan (shān ) zhōng point with the thumb till appear soreness. Rub for one minute, 2 to 3 times daily.

CV – 12 (Zhong wan) 中脘 (Center Venter)

CV – 12 (Zhong wan) is located on the anterior midline, 4 cun above the umbilicus. A useful acupoint to massage during Winter Solstice health is to knead the Zhong wan acupoint. Use the thumb or the ball of the palm kneading technique to massage 2 ~ 5 minutes.

(For medicated diet ingredient, you can click on the herb’s name for online ordering)

  • Braised Angelica With Black Beans
  • Ingredient 
  • Efficacy
    • Warming the kidney and nourish the blood

  • Chrysanthemum and Rose Tea
  • Ingredient
  • Efficacy
    • Calming
    • Invigorate and regulates the Liver Viscera’s Qi and Blood,
    • Clear heat and detoxify

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Wishing you and your family joy at this holy season of Winter Solstice reunion! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! To Greater health!

Dr Clement Ng (黄欣杰)
dated: 23/12/2018

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