Why Singapore’s product?为什么考虑新加坡产品

Singapore has one of the most stringent market controls for Chinese Proprietary medicines know as 中成药. All TCM products selling and made in Singapore are marked with a label indicating that samples of the products were submitted to the relevant authorities for checking and verification and was allow to sell as proprietary medicine. An example of the label is shown below

新加坡拥有一套相对严格的中成药市场监控机制。 所有在新加坡销售和制造的中医药产品都标有标签,表明该中成药的样品已提交有关当局进行检查和验证,并允许在市场上销售。 标签的一个例子如下所示

Health Supplement while may not be fully regulated, are being monitored closely through a rigorous post-market compliance mechanism that ensure health products meet safety standards.


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