Covic 19 – Prevention is the key!

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Lately, we all know about the outbreak of “Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia” in Wuhan, China. I have been asked by many friends to give my opinion on the TCM Perspective.

Before I begin, please note that the contents of this article are for reference only. I hope you will pay attention and respond to the official information and instructions given by the Ministry of Health ( and your relevant authority on the outbreak.

While the TCM illness classification resulted from this virus is now known to China TCM experts as “damp – warmness” which would occur when there is a warm winter, this article does not talk about the TCM approaches in treatment, but only focuses on the  main principle in managing this situation of “Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia” , which is the Prevention. What TCM always stressed, “to prevent before disease strike“, and “to intercept before possible pathological changes

“To prevent before disease strike “, is to prevent contagious with this infectious diseases. We can do so by avoiding crowed and confined space, wash hands frequently and wearing masks, if necessary. In addition, by improving one’s immunity, we can help to prevent the disease.

By “interception before possible pathological changes “, means, If you are not feeling well and symptoms appeared, please seek medical advice as soon as possible; do not let the condition worsen!

TCM believes that the body’s immune system can rely on internal “healthy energy,” or “Healthy Qi”. TCM further stressed that: “when one’s healthy qi is abundant, pathogen will not harm him”, that is, if a person’s immunity is strong, he will not easily get sick because of external pathogenic factors changes.

Now I would like to introduce 3 ways to improve immunity, 2 medical diets (detail of the therapeutic effect of the ingredients are covered in the Herbal Diet Class) and massaging techniques of 2 acupoint areas.

1, Regular rest and moderate exercise

  • Getting enough sleep and not staying up late is often mentioned as a way to keep healthy in TCM. Appropriate exercise can promote internal circulation, and with good circulation of Qi and Blood, nutrition can be better transport, which will help to improve immunity.
  • It is recommended to walk for at least 30 minutes a day. Go to an open or park full with greenery for a walk, don’t have to walk fast, the key is to be relaxed and happy mood while walking.

2, Keep calm

  • Emotions have a huge impact on health. Stress and tension can interfere with the autonomic nervous system, resulting in lower immunity, which make one susceptible to pathogenic factors.
  • People in sadness, depression, anger, anxiety and other bad emotions, will affect the internal organ viscera systems and reduce their immunity.
  • On the contrary, maintaining calm emotion can allow the inner Qi and Blood circulate and flow smoothly and have abundant positive Qi to resist pathogenic factors.

3, Diet to strengthens Qi and Blood (Immunity) 

  • In TCM, The Spleen and Stomach visceral systems are fundamental to one’s nutrition source and the systems are the sources for Qi and Blood production.
  • With proper of dietary nutrition, allowing the spleen and stomach systems to function normally, there will be abundant Qi in the body, which will helps to maintain a good immunity systems.
  • I will recommend 2 medical diets and massaging techniques of 2 acupoint areas to help to strengthen the immunity.
  • Please note that that these are only intended to improve immunity, so be sure to consult your doctor if you have any other symptoms.

Mediated diet

  • Astragalus Qi Invigorating tea with 
    • Ingredients: Astragalus黄芪10g, Wolfberry枸杞5g, Red dates红枣 15g, honeysuckle 金银花 3g and 3 slices of fresh Ginger生姜. 1 litre of water
    • Preparation: Wash and boil water to drink. Serve 1 – 2 persons.
    • Efficacy: Suitable for people with deficiency of qi, those who are more prone to colds, can drink to improve immunity. 
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  • Digestive Systems Nourishing soup
    • Ingredients: lotus seed莲子10g, Yam淮山10g, Euryale 芡实10g, Poria茯苓 10g, You can add the meat of your choice to taste.
    • Preparation: wash and boil water to drink.
    • Efficacy: Digestive Systems nourishing soup is a mild medicated diet suitable for the general public.

 TCM Granule 

  • 生脉颗粒 Pulse-Activating Granules
    • 益气复脉,养阴生津。
    • 用于气阴两亏,心悸气短,脉微自汗。
    • Supplements the vital energy and restores pulse. 
    • Qi and Yin Booster – Help improve immunity for those with Qi Deficiency Constitution.
    • Use for palpitation, shortness of breath, faint pulse and spontaneous sweating.


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In my “TCM Herbal Diet course”, I highlight that every body’s constitution is different, and the appropriate tonic will be different too. If you are looking for medicated food and diet with stronger effect of invigorating Qi and Blood, it will be better to have an understanding of one’s constitution first or consult a physician.

Acupressure Massage

  • Auricular (Ear)massage
    • The ear has more than 200 acupoints, massage the ear every day can have the effect of promoting immunity.
    • How to do it: rub your hands together, then rub them together and press on the front and back of your ears, then pull on the lobes and tips.
    • Rubbing the ear, making it hot will stimulate the acupuncture points which will mobilize the corresponding meridians, the body will produce self-adjusting effect, stimulate the immune system, and achieve the effect of self-protection and disease prevention. Do this 2 to 3 times a day for 1 to 2 minutes.

  • Massage Zusanli point
    • Zusanli point (4 fingers down from the lateral side of the knee joint) is a major acupoint for strengthening immunity.
    • Knead with the thumb, or gently pad on it.
    • Massaging Zusanli can regulate the body’s immunity, enhance the ability to resist diseases, and activate the meridians. Do this 2 to 3 times a day for 1 to 2 minutes.

This article content is for reference only, the outbreak may develop further, I hope that you do not listen to rumors, the best medical treatment is prevention. I hope you can join in the classes to learn health care and health betterment knowledge together.

Wish you and your family happiness, a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Clement Ng (黄欣杰)

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