Basic Acupressure Massage for Health and Wellness Practitioners  

This course is approved under SkillsFuture Credit Framework and NTUC – UTAP

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The “Basic Acupressure Massage for Health and Wellness Practitioners” is one of the basic modules under the Series – The Essential TCM Skills for Health and Wellness Practitioners – designed to equipped Healthcare practitioners basic knowledge in Acupressure Massage

Massage, the sense of touch, not just for comfort of pampering: It can provide great relief for people who suffer from pain, long-term fatigue or chronic illnesses, and the therapeutic effect can be enhanced through the understanding of TCM meridian theory and massaging at or along the acupoints, with the proper application of the acupressure techniques

It helps restores mobility by enhancing energy or qi flow as well as loosening trigger points and by lengthening muscles. It also improves circulation by increasing blood flow, as well as promotes relaxation and helps relieve emotional stress and anxiety that can contribute to chronic illnesses.

 Course objectives:

The course was designed to equip the Participants with knowledge of Meridian systems in our body and the use of Acupressure techniques through the knowledge of identification the key acupoints, to the use of tools and different manipulation technique in the management of various chronic illnesses such as Anxiety and Depression, Lumbago, Sciatica, Sinusitis, Insomnia, etc. Recommended for healthcare practitioner to refresh the course once every five years


Course Learning Outcome:

The learner will,

  1. Learnt the Meridian Theory, discover of the web of life and energy pathway
  2. Identify the location of the meridian and points
  3. Learn the manipulation technique in application
  4. Learn the latest tools in Manipulation such as Scrapping and Cupping.
  5. Apply the knowledge in the management of Stress and Chronic illnesses

Course duration:

  • 12 hours

Teaching & Learning methods:

  1. Lecture and case analysis.
  2. Practical Mastery of Exercise and practice
  3. Assessment of knowledge manipulation competency

Course Fee: 

  • S$250 per participant
  • Inclusive of Course Notes and Comprehensive Online material

Certificate Award:

  • Certificate of Completion – “Basic Acupressure Massage for Healthcare Practitioners”