About TCM and You

TCM and You was founded in 2005 through a website with a humble vision is to propagate the knowledge, benefits and wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine to all. She has since developed into a full service company providing Training, Consultancy and Illness Management.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a medical science and philosophy that has been tested and proven through generations. For thousands of years, the Chinese and many other races have been using the knowledge to help cure illnesses and for total well-being. We strongly believe that the holistic approaches of TCM to illnesses diagnostic and resolution hold the key toward a better healthcare system for generations to come.

In TCM and You, we will strive to provide you with the Best knowledge, products and services to achieve a Healthier You, Stronger You, Calmer You, Smarter You and a Beautiful You!



中医与您》秉着发扬中医的热忱,以系统性的方式整理了一系列的以中医为主导的讯息课程, 产品 及服务,与您一起向《健康的您》,《强壮的您》,《冷静的您》,《聪明的您》及《美丽的您》的目标出发!

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