On-site TCM Services

Why On-site services?

  • You save the time waiting in queue for consultation and treatment in clinic.
  • You are in the comfort of your home or area which you are familiar
  • You are are well rested and can resume your activities immediately after treatment
  • You do not have to take leave to accompany your loved ones to treatment and enjoy all the above

Schedule of Treatment Fees

On-site Visits (a typical session is 45 minutes to 1 hour):

Per consultation S$200, includes

  • Transportation
  • On-site Consultation
  • Acupuncture Treatment

(For Stroke Patient, The consultation fee S$50 for the first Visit will be waived) 

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For appointment: marketing@tcmandyou.com or call +65 91711782

 We offer treatments for:

  • Chronic Diabetes Management,
  • Stroke and Stroke Sequel Paralysis Management,
  • Infertility,
  • Impotence and Prostate related issues,
  • Sleeping Disorders and Insomnia
  • Eczema / Skin Disorders.
  • Pain Management
    • Arthritis / Sciatica
    • Back Pain
    • Frozen Shoulder
    • Morton Neuroma
  • Medication, if needed, will arrange delivery within 24 Hours

All patient must complete the informed Consent form prior the first visit