TCM Fundamental & Essential Diagnosis


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    ‘The course is a formative foundation course for the series. – The Essential TCM Skills for Health and Wellness Practitioners – designed to equipped Healthcare practitioners TCM Fundamental & Essential Diagnosis.

TCM stands on the shoulders of 3000 to 5,000 years of civilization development, experience and empirical evidences. Chinese Medicine has been used as mainstream or alternative medical health systems in over 170 countries.. The theory behind TCM was greatly influenced by ancient Chinese materialism and dialectics wisdom passed down from generations in China.  This course will allow practitioner to have a systematic understanding in the development of TCM Fundamental theories and diagnostic approaches illnesses using techniques perfected through generation of practitioners

Course objectives:

The course is a formative foundation course for the series, – The Essential TCM Skills for Health and Wellness Practitioners. The objective of the course is to allow the Health and Wellness practitioners to acquire and equip themselves of key fundamental knowledge in TCM. The course covers the principle and theoretical background of Chinese Medicine and share the basic diagnosis approaches. The knowledge will empower them a have a strong understanding and practical knowledge and skills of TCM and able to apply the knowledge and skills learnt into their current activities.

Course Learning Outcome:

The learner will learn,

  1. Background of Chinese Medicine
  2. Yin Yang Theory
  3. The Five Elements Theory
  4. Zang – Fu Visceral Systems
  5. Qi, Blood, Body Fluids and Essence
  6. TCM Perspective – Etiology & Pathophysiology
  7. Syndromes Differentiation Diagnostic Approaches.
  8. The Eight Principles in Diagnosis

Course duration:

  • 12 hours
    • 4 days, 3 hours per day,

Teaching & Learning methods:

  1. Online or Classroom Learning
  2. Lecture and case analysis.
  3. Practical Mastery of Exercise and practice
  4. Assessment of knowledge manipulation competency

Course Fee: 

  • S$250 per participant (SkillsFuture Credit approved and UTAP approved)
  • Inclusive of Course Notes and Comprehensive Online material