KEEP COOL! The weather is Hot and Humid!

My friend,

I am Dr Clement Ng. Have you ever felt that the weather has been extremely hot recently, follow by thundery shower? In this article I will be discussing why during this period, more people will experience Digestive Systems issues, headaches, and skin diseases.

Come May 5, 2020, the Northern Hemisphere (Southern Hemisphere – Nov 7, 2020) will usher in the seventh solar term, the Summer Commences (LiXia立夏), Singapore, which is just one degree North of Equator, will also enter into a uniquely Singapore’s summer, characterize by Hot and Humid climate.

In this season, do bring a bottle of water when you are out, and should drink before you feel thirsty, to prevent heat stroke. As highlighted in the first module of the “TCM herbal Diet” course.

As we entering the “Summer Commences solar term (LiXia)”, the overall weather’s temperature will gradually rises, rate of thundering rainfall will also increase significantly, the general health maintenance approach is focusing in maintaining a Healthy Heart Visceral systems, prevention of heatstroke, cleansing of dampness and preservation of the body’s yang.

Under the influence of high temperature, heat and humidity, some diseases will also occur more frequent during this period.

  • Digestive Diseases
    • Most people will be taking cold foods in this period, which could easily damage the stomach. This is the period which we need to be more care about our digestive systems, the spleen and stomach systems. From the diet perspective, it is best to consume foods which have heat cleansing and diuretic properties, such as porridge and soup, which help to quench thirst, promote fluid secretion, relieve heat, and nourishing to the body. Foods with heat cleansing and diuretic properties are watermelon, bitter gourd, plum, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, which have a certain refreshing effect.
    • Drink a cup of warm ginger water in the morning, this can help alleviate the symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia due to the humid weather, and ginger can also be an appetizer that strengthens the Spleen Visceral systems, prevent coldness to the stomach and catching a cold.
  • Headache
    • High temperatures, humidity, thundery shower, and sudden changes in the weather often induce or worsen headaches. Couple with lack of sleep, emotional, mental fatigue can also further induce headaches. During this period, we should avoid excessive reliance on drugs. The symptoms can be moderated through ensuring adequacy of fluid in-take, avoidance of cold foods, regulating your emotion and pay attention to rest.
  • Skin diseases
    • Warmer weather is conducive to the growth and reproduction of various fungi and bacteria. In addition, Singaporeans are generally prone to perspiration and the skin is often sweaty and wet. If they are not wiped clean and dry, the fungus will develop in our skin and cause skin diseases. During this period attention should be channel to personal hygiene, keeping the skin dry. Clothes, blankets, towels, should be clean and disinfect frequently.

In this article, I will introduce three medicated diets (detail of the therapeutic effect of the ingredients are covered in the Herbal Diet Class) and three acupuncture points and hair combing techniques, that are suitable for the Summer Commences’ solar term to help in promoting flow in the meridians, nourishing the heart systems, clearing heat and dampness.

Medicated diets:

  • Longan Porridge:
    • [Ingredients] longan 25 grams, rice 100 grams, rock sugar to taste.
    • [Efficacy] Nourishing heart and spleen, nourishing blood and calming.

  • Green bean porridge with bird’s nest
    • [Ingredients] green beans 100 grams, bird’s nest 20 grams, rice 100 grams, rock sugar to taste
    • [Efficacy] Nourishing yin and lungs, cleanse heat and detoxifying, Nourishing Qi and blood

  • Lily Green bean and Barley porridge
    • [Ingredients] Barley 20 grams, Green bean 20 grams, Rice 50 grams, Lily bub, rock sugar to taste.
    • [Efficacy] Cleansing heat and dampness, calming

Acupressure Massage Technique:

  • Hair Combing
    • Hair combing beside help in relieve fatigue, it also help to keep the keep hair healthy. TCM believes that “All Yang meridians converge at the head”, combing hair can stimulate the acupuncture points of the head, invigorating the meridian, regulating nerve function, improve the blood circulation, and promote metabolism. Frequency: At least once a day. How to correctly comb your hair, you can refer to my online video

  • Ji Quan Acupoint
    • Located at the apex of the axilla, the acupuncture point of the iliac artery is an important acupuncture point of the Heart meridian. Massaging this point can help to cleanse the heatiness from the heart. Frequency: About 3 minutes, at least twice a day.

  • Qu Chi Acupoint
    • This is the acupoint where the dampness of the large intestine meridians gathers. Massaging it for about 3 minutes, with a feeling of soreness, can help clear away heat and dampness. Frequency: at least once a day

  • Nei Guan Acupoint
    • During massage, use the thumb of one hand, with a little pressure applied on the Neiguan point of the other hand, pointing toward the direction of the palm, then gently open – close the palm for about a minute, then alternate to the other hand.  This massage can help maintain the heart and relieve heartache, palpitations and chest tightness. Frequency: at least once a day

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Dr Clement Ng (黄欣杰)

Updated: 01/05/2019


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