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Prevention is the key to health betterment and I send updates on the latest development on the health front and what we need to do to mitigate any health issues that may arises from the changes to the weather. In this article, outline the prevention tips on occurrence of Skin Diseases, Digestive systems issues, Headaches and advice on Post Covid management from TCM perspective. A Live Online Update will be held on 17/05/2022, Tuesday, 7.30 pm (Singapore Time). Please click to register. https://forms.gle/JJMTPZSvvx4Dnj3U9 

For those residing in Singapore, since 26/04/2022, it was a great relief that our life activities have resumed to almost pre Pandemic, except that the marks has to be wore in confined environment. I believe, after two years of wearing it, it has become quite a part of us and many of us are comfortable having it on our face. 

As some parts of the world are still going through waves of the Covid pandemic and the airplanes have started flying, you are encouraged to continue to keep your masks on, observe personal hygiene to prevent possible infection.

The general health management principle I suggest for  “COVID-19″ is still to “prevention” , the fundamental principles in TCM Health Betterment regime. “To prevent before the diseases strike”, and “intercept before possible pathological changes occurred”.

Commencement of summer

Come May 5, 2022, the Northern Hemisphere will usher the seventh solar term, the Summer Commences (LiXia立夏), and Singapore, which is just one degree North of Equator, will enter a uniquely Singapore’s summer, characterize by Hot and Humid climate couple with thundery shower. As outline in my TCM Diet Class, while many claim that there is not seasonal changes in Singapore, the following chart demonstrate that we do have climatic trends and patients’ symptoms will react significantly accordingly with weather changes.

For those who have Damp-Heatiness body constitution types characterized by symptoms such eczema, skin rashes, UTI, care must be taken during the coming months to prevent the triggering on such symptoms. Besides these common skin diseases, under the influence of high temperature, heat and humidity, people tend to be easily agitated, and symptoms such as headaches and Digestive Systems Diseases will also occur more frequently during this period.

Digestive Systems Diseases

Damp-heatiness is one of the prevalence pathogenic factors during this period. As the weather become hotter, it’s common for most people to start taking cold drinks and cooling stuff, people often develop poor appetite, diarrheas, and acid reflux. From the TCM diet perspective, it is best to consume foods which have heat cleansing and diuretic properties, such as porridge and soup, which help to quench thirst, promote fluid secretion, relieve heat, and nourishing to the body. Foods with heat cleansing and diuretic properties are watermelon, bitter gourd, plum, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, which have a certain refreshing effect.

Drink a cup of warm ginger water in the morning, this can help alleviate the symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia due to the humid weather, and ginger can also be an appetizer that strengthens the Spleen Visceral systems, prevent coldness to the stomach and catching a cold.


High temperatures, humidity, thundery shower, and sudden changes in the weather often induce or worsen headaches. Couple with lack of sleep, emotional, mental fatigue can induce headaches. During this period, we should avoid excessive reliance on drugs. The symptoms can be moderated through ensuring adequacy of fluid in-take, avoidance of cold foods, regulating your emotion and pay attention to rest, as adjuvant treatment.

Skin diseases

The hot and humid weather is conducive to the growth and reproduction of various fungi and bacteria. In addition, Singaporeans are generally prone to perspiration and the skin is often sweaty and wet. If they are not wiped clean and dry, the fungus will develop in our skin and cause skin diseases. During this period attention should be channel to personal hygiene, keeping the skin dry. Clothes, blankets, towels, should be clean and disinfect frequently.

Cardiovascular diseases

The summer weather corresponds to the Heart Qi in 5 elements, and during the period, focusing in maintaining a Healthy Heart Visceral system, is helpful in the prevention of heat and cardiovascular related illnesses.

While you may be staying home more recently, it’s important to keep your spirit high, keeping yourself mentally coordinated and stimulated, ensuring a regular daily schedule. You can consider taking up courses online and learn some health maintenance practice.

I will be sharing four acupoints including three that are important for cleansing dampness and heatiness from the body and one that unbind the chest and soothing mood. At the same time, I will introduce four medicinal diets that nourish the heart system and help cleansing heat and dampness.

Medicated diets:

  • Bitter Gourd Ribs Soup:
    • [Ingredients]
      • Bitter gourd 500 grams,
      • Ribs 400 grams,
      • Onion, ginger, salt to taste.
    • [Efficacy] Cleanse summer heat and dampness improves eyesight and detoxify.

  • Tuckahoe Barley soup:
    • [Ingredients]
      • Tuckahoe 100g,
      • Barley 50g,
      • sugar to taste.
    • [Efficacy] Clearing heat and dampness, detoxifying and diuretics.

  • Red Dates and Longan Porridge:
    • [Ingredients]
      • Red Dates 10 grams,
      • Longan 25 grams,
      • rice 100 grams,
      • rock sugar to taste.
    • [Efficacy] Nourishing heart and spleen, nourishing blood and calming.

  •   Astragalus Qi Invigorating tea
    • [Ingredients]
      • Astragalus 10g,
      • Wolfberry 5g,
      • 5 Red dates,
      • Honeysuckle 10 g and
      • 3 slices of fresh Ginger生姜.
      • 1 liter of water
    • [Efficacy] Suitable for people with deficiency of qi, prone to colds, to improve immunity

Acupressure Massage Technique:

  • Ji Quan Acupoint
    • Located at the apex of the axilla, the acupuncture point of the iliac artery is an important acupuncture point of the Heart meridian. Massaging this point can help to cleanse the heatiness from the heart.
    • Method: Press massaging about 3 minutes, at least once a day.

  • Qu Chi Acupoint
    • Located on the side of the elbow in the depression, belonging to the large intestine. This is the acupoint where the dampness of the large intestine meridians gathers. Massaging it for about 3 minutes, with a feeling of soreness, can help clear away heat and dampness.
    • Method: Press massaging about 3 minutes, at least once a day.

  • Wei Zhong acupoint
    • At the back of the knee, on the midway of popliteal crease, belongs to the bladder meridian. Bladder meridian is the largest detoxification and dampness channel of the human body and Wei Zhong acupoint is the “sewage” outlet on this channel.
    • Method: Tap massaging about 3 minutes, at least once a day.

  • Nei Guan Acupoint
    • Located on the inner aspect of the forearm, 2 cun above wrist line in between the two tendons. The acupoints belongs to the pericardium meridian. Massaging this point can help maintain the heart and relieve heartache, palpitations and chest tightness.
    • Method: Push massaging about 3 minutes, at least once a day.

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Updated in 01/05/2022


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