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In my last update on 07/08/2022, I have indicated that the weather in Singapore will become cooler and I believe you may have been feeling the chill when waking up in the morning and some of you may start to experience some pains and even cramp at the lower part of the body. While most part of the world including Singapore are entering the Covid endemic situation, I urge all of you to stay vigilant with all the safety guidelines including going for vaccination when given the opportunity. For those who have recovered from the illness to continue to stay active and take positive to manage any post Covid syndrome.

In this article, I will share with you the health betterment approaches in the coming months, as we go into a cooler weather as we ushering the end of 2022. For those who missed the live online sharing of this article and coming courses on 30/11/2021.  You can view the recording at this page

November Health Betterment Updates for Cooler Weather

(For friends coming from Southern Hemisphere, please refer to article on Summer Commencement

For those who have been following my sharing, you will know that I always stress that health betterment is a daily activities and besides observing the differences in constitution and aligning your diets with the weather changes, is one of the important knowledge to stay healthy and prevent illnesses from occurring.

November 7 2022, marks the start of the solar term for “Beginning of Winter (立冬) for those residing in the northern hemisphere. While friends up North are preparing for winter, and some part are already snowing, those staying in Singapore, which is just one degree north of equator, a tropical country with no snow, waves of chill and coldness are in the air as it has been raining more frequently and heavily recently. While we may come across occasional warm weather,  In the next few months, I believe the temperature will continue to dip. The Twenty-Four Solar Terms, knowledge of time and practices developed through observation of the sun’s annual motion and was inscribed in UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 2016.

On the day of  “Winter Commencement” (立冬), it’s a traditional local Chinese folk’s custom in Singapore know as “Nourishment for Winter” (补冬), which is to prepare warm and nourishing medicated diets for the whole family to strengthen their body and prevent illnesses that may come along due to the cooler weather. That is, if you nourish yourself within these 15 days, your body will be strengthening throughout the year.

Once we are in the solar term The “Winter Commencement” (立冬) the weather will turns colder gradually, from TCM, perspective, the coldness will affect the Yang elements of the body especially the Kidney visceral Yang. I have observed more patient feedbacks that their legs are getting heavier and their rheumatic painful conditions around the knee and lower legs are happening more frequent. Thus the general health betterment approaches are to focus in the protection of Yang elements of the body, keep warm, and nourishes the essence of the kidney viscera systems.

As the weather turns cooler, one of the best ways in keep body warm is having adequate sleep. Sleeping earlier can raise the Body’s energy (Yang Qi) and help keep a warm body. Sufficiency of sleep also helps to enhance immunity and support healthy cognitive development in the prevention of dementia.

Chinese Medicine believes that we are part of the environment and are mutually affecting each other. As the temperature becomes cooler, the blood vessels within our bodies will become constricted and the blood becomes thicker, which may impeded the blood circulation and increases blood pressure. Cooler weather correspond to a seasons of the higher incidences of cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke and heart attack. Those with underlying chronic illnesses such as high cholesterol, hypertension and Diabetes need to be especially aware of the any anomalies that may occur in their body. The cooler weather may also induce common colds, coughs, and those suffering from chronic asthma must also be more aware of their conditions as cooler weather corresponds to higher occurrence of attack. The key to prevention is to stay warm.

I have developed a series of programme in health betterment through Chinese Medicine to equip you with knowledge and skills to take care of yourself and your loved ones. I believe that health better approaches should be something simple and easy to follows so we can continue to do it to harness the optimal benefit. Besides ensuring adequate sleep during, I would like to share with you couple simple acupressure massage and diets which you can adopt to help you and your love ones during this period.


Dietotherapy recommendations during this period should focus on keeping the body warm. For the categories of food selection, can selectively eat more lean meat, eggs, sea cucumber, Eel, chives, wolfberry, walnut and those rich in carbohydrates and fats.

  • Black sesame Cistanche porridge
    • [Ingredients] Black Sesame,  Cistanche,Rice
    • [Efficacy] Warming, Nourishing liver and kidney and nourishing the five visceral systems

  • Qi Nourishing and Calming Black Chicken soup 
    • [Ingredients] Qi Nourishing and Calming Formula (Astragalus, Angelica, Wolfberry, Lily Bulb, Yam, Poria), Black Chicken, Ginger and Salt to taste.
    • [Efficacy] Nourishing Qi and blood, regulate liver systems and the eye. Calming and good for beauty maintenance
    • Note: (For Vegetarian, replace Black Chicken with Black bean)

  • Wolfberry sea cucumber quail egg soup
    • [Ingredients] Quail Egg 12, Sea Cucumber 25 g, Wolfberry 10 g,
    • [Efficacy] Tonifying kidney and lung viscera systems, Nourish mind and prevent dementia, Strengthening the liver and good for the eyes

Acupressure massages Techniques

  • Guan Yuan (CV 04)
    • The “warming” switch on the lower abdomen is the Guan Yuan (CV 04)
    • Guan Yuan (CV 04) Acupoint “Command Point” for Small Intestine Viscera. For those experiencing coldness at the bottom of the feet, this area need to be kept warm. Every night before going to bed, warm your hands by rubbing and place around the area. Alternately press and knead clockwise and counter-clockwise around it. It warms the abdomen, helps keep one healthy, relieve symptoms such as frequent urination, Irregular menstruation, and Main point for Strengthening Primordial Qi.

  • Yang chi (SJ 04)
    • There is a “warming” switch on the hand – Yang chi (SJ 04)
    • This point is where the Yang qi accumulates and is located at the midpoint of the back of the wrist. To stimulate Yang chi (SJ 04) acupoint, press it gently and over a period of time alternately, can help alleviate the symptom of coldness of hand. Those who are usually afraid of cold can often press this point.

  • Yong quan (KI 01)
    • There is a “warming” switch on the foot, Yong quan (KI 01)
    • Located at the bottom of the foot, in the depression of the front of the foot. It is the first point of the Kidney meridian. It is especially suitable for elderly women who are afraid of cold, suffering from kidney deficiency, lack of strength and lack of energy. A daily consistent massage on the Yong quan (KI 01) acupoints can increase the body’s energy, strengthen the body and prevent disease.

  • Shen Shu (BL 23)
    • There is a “warming” switch on the back of the body, Shen Shu (BL 23)
    • Located at 2 fingers lateral to the lower border of the spinous process of the second lumbar vertebra (L2). Massage Shen Shu helps warm and nourishing kidney Yang, good for those with kidney deficiency lumbago, energy loss has health care treatment effect. Rub your hands hot, with the palm of your hand rubbing Shen Shu back and forth for 50-60 each time.

Thank you for being a part of my health maintenance and leaning community.

I look forward to share TCM health betterment knowledge and skill with you and hope you’ll someday join me to learn even more by taking my class-room training or an online course or training in the convenience of your home.

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Updated: 10/11/2022

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