Health Betterment Through TCM 通过中医 养生保健

The project was supported by Lifelong Learning Council, conducted by Dr Clement Ng. To allow participants understand the etiology, pathogenesis of Common illnesses, and the important of prevention and health betterment approaches from TCM and to consider continue their learning through SkillsFuture@PA TCM series of courses.


  1. TCM Treatment Perspective on Insomnia (total duration: 1 hour 2 minutes)
  1. 中医对失眠的治疗方法(total duration: 1 hour 1 minute)
  1. TCM Treatment Perspective on Rashes &Eczema (total duration: 1 hour 4 minutes)
  1. 中医对皮疹和湿疹的治疗方法(total duration: 1 hour 8 minutes)
  1. TCM Treatment Perspective on Depression & Anxiety (total duration: 1 hour 11 minutes)
  1. 中医对抑郁和焦虑的治疗方法(total duration: 1 hour 14 minutes)
  1. TCM Treatment Perspective on Chronic Fatigue (total duration: 1 hour 13 minutes)
  1. 中医对慢性疲劳的治疗方法(total duration: 1 hour 12 minutes)

Coming Courses 即将进行的课程

Dr Clement Ng will be conducting the following On-Line zoom classes, (Not Supported by SkillsFuture)


  1. Vertigo,  The TCM Perspective (Why my world is spinning? Let TCM helps You!
  • Course Fee S$20
  • Language:  English
  • Date/Time: August 26, Wednesday / 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

Please click on the link to sign up 

  1. Diabetes, The TCM Perspective (Why our body is not able to effectively metabolise the sugar, lets TCM helps you.
  • Course Fee S$20
  • Language:  English
  • Date/ Time: August 28, Friday / 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

Please click on the link to sign up 

  1. TCM for Men 
  • The perspective of TCM in managing common Men’s issues such as hair loss, male anxiety, etc
  • Course Fee S$120
  • Language:  English
  • Date: September 7 – 28 , Every Monday 4 Sessions
  • Time: 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Please click on the link to sign up  

  1. 中医如何看待糖尿病 (为什么身体无法有效分解或代谢所吃的糖份!)
  • 学费:S$15
  • 授课语言:中文 (含英文讲义)
  • 日期/时间:830(星期日) 晚上8时至930
  1. 中医如何看待眩晕症 (好晕。。。为什么我的世界在转?让中医帮帮你!

For Classroom Courses. (Approved under SkillsFuture)

The SkillsFuture@PA Classroom classes will roll out from September in Clementi CC, Pasir Ris East CC and Toa Payoh East CC. The seats are limited. 

Courses fee claimed in FULL using your SkillsFuture Credit.

  • · SkillsFuture@PA TCM Herbal Diet
  • · SkillsFuture@PA Acupressure Massage
  • · TCM for Women

Register for SkillsFuture@ PA Courses 

Please share these health betterment knowledge and information to all you think may benefit from it and I look forward to seeing you in my class (online or in class room) .


Dr Clement Ng Shin Kiat 黄欣杰博士

August 2020 秋,2020

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